Public Money System

Matt Lyons

Public Money System

A monetary system where money is exclusively issued by a central bank, owned by the state, or other public body. Sovereign Money and Full reserve banking systems are types of public money system.

2 Replies to “Public Money System”

  1. joe bongiovanni says:

    Public Money System ?
    Having the central bank issue the money into circulation …. how?
    As paying agent for the government ?
    How does the money get into the banks?
    CB credits?
    Does the government gain the seigniorage from issuance.?
    If not … NOT Public Money.
    You guys have things all discombobulated, obviously that nobody at PM started out with The History of Monetary Systems.(DelMar)
    Pretend public polcy research without a foundation.
    Starting from ignorance, adding anecdotes and allegory do not a money system education make.

    1. Zack (Moderator) says:

      Thanks for the feedback. The glossary is a work in progress, and we will be expanding on this definition and addressing the lack of clarity on the points you’ve raised. However, please bear in mind that The Money Question is a place for a respectful exchange of views. Calling us discombobulated, without a foundation, and ignorant is a bad first impression. Please try and be more constructive and friendly in future!


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