Quantitative Easing

Matt Lyons

Quantitative Easing

A method by which the central bank attempts to lower long-term interest rates and increase the money supply by buying assets from the financial sector.



2 Replies to “Quantitative Easing”

  1. clement says:

    I find the definition provided quite dry and hard to apply to a practical example relevant to me in my life as an average citizen. I think that the glossary would benefit from illustrative examples if it is to engage non-specialist, but perhaps this platform is aimed more specifically at specialists debating ideas; if so you please ignore my comment..

    1. Zack (Moderator) says:

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion Clement. The glossary is a work in progress, and we are certainly intending The Money Question to be accessible to non-specialists! Please expect an update to this entry (and other definitions in the glossary) very soon.


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