A little about us… launched in 2019, The Money Question is hosted by Positive Money; an organisation campaigning to reform the money and banking system to enable a fair, democratic and sustainable economy.

The Money Question seeks to foster the diverse and growing debate on money and the monetary system.

To get involved, you can:

  • Browse our content: find out how the monetary system works today, how it got there, and explore different ways to solve the problems it creates
  • Contribute to our blog: we are always on the lookout for key thinkers to share ideas
  • Showcase your research: we’re collecting cutting-edge research in our resources section
  • Join our forum: coming soon, so anyone can start a discussion on money

Do you have a blog idea or a paper that you want to share? Please get in touch!

“It is good that Positive Money is providing a forum for discussion on many issues relating to the nature and workings of a monetary system. There are many issues still to be finally resolved, so the subject remains fresh and fascinating. Like all of us, Positive Money has its own views, but is commendably eclectic and prepared to give a hearing to a range of alternative ideas on these matters, including, I hope, my own. I trust that this will provide a successful and beneficial forum for setting out many ideas on this crucial subject.”

Professor Charles A Goodhart

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